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The full program is mostly for members through 8th grade, who come to club practice and meets during the entire spring season.  The registration fee is $85 per season. This will include the entry fees to the local meets the team attends as a group.  The registration fee is for the 2019 spring season, there is a seperate season for the fall cross country season.

Note:  parents will buy the USATF card for their athlete, the team will pay entry fee for Association/Regional/National meets.  This way it streamlines two processes (entering data and collecting money from those that advance are made easier for parents and the coaches.)  This season we are using hte USATF meets as our post season.  This includes a meet in June for the association, a regional in early July and National meet in late July.  We will send out more details once th schedule is set.

Note: $10 from each registration goes to cover the coaches travel expenses to regionals/nationals.

The supplemental program is mostly for high school members, who participate in their school's team practices and meets, and join VYI in practice and meets at the end of their school's regular season.

the track season will start  on Sunday 3/31 at noon at Marshall HS 

Thursday practices are at Pederson Park 530-645pm and we will add an occassional Monday practice if we can get track time at Madison HS